Returning to Office

The past years have been long, hard and isolating. Society continues to open up, and many of us are enjoying freedom to see others in-person again. With this in mind Kurt and Wendy will be phasing in in-office sessions over the course of this summer. However, we will continue provide online sessions, as well. Many people prefer the flexibility that remote online appointments can provide. Meanwhile, others are fatigued by the computer screen and want face to face contact. We understand both.

When you contact either of us, please specify whether you’re looking for in-person or remote online sessions. We’ll be happy to accommodate either as our schedules permit, and as our phasing-in process proceeds.


Need Someone to Talk To?

We are Kurt & Wendy, Toronto Psychotherapists

  • Feel alone? Unworthy?
  • Depressed? Sad? Angry? Confused?
  • Suffer from anxiety?
  • Communication issues?
  • Family issues?
  • Relationship problems?
  • Childhood abuse or trauma?
  • Grieving a loss?
  • Can’t get in touch with your feelings?

We are Kurt and Wendy, Toronto psychotherapists offering lower-cost psychotherapy in the Bloor-Sherbourne area. We are both registered as RPs (Registered Psychotherapists) with the CRPO, the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

We are Relational Psychotherapists with separate practices who each bring our unique experience, age and gender to our work. However, we share a office, a homepage and a vision and philosophy about psychotherapy. In coming to us, you’ll have the benefit of choice in deciding on a therapist.

We want to listen. We want to help.

We can’t promise to fix everything, but we will be there with you — listening to you — as we work with you through whatever troubles you. Whether your story feels painful, shameful, angry or joyous, you will be heard with empathy and without judgement. We’ll help you figure things out. And we will care.

Our office is located at 421 Bloor St East, suite number 406 (the entrance is on Sherbourne St). It is conveniently located on the Bloor-Danforth subway line, walking distance from Yonge, just south of Rosedale and minutes from the Danforth via subway.

We invite you to try one of us out, to work with you to gain insight into your life, relationships and your history — you will be supported to help you find your way again.

For more about the way and issues we work with, click here: How Psychotherapy Can Help.

Here are some of the issues relational psychotherapy can help with:

  • relationship problems (difficulties being in one, with meeting someone or with breaking up)
  • loss, grief, bereavement
  • depression, anxiety (or both)
  • not being taken seriously in life, chronically misunderstood
  • conflicts and misunderstandings in relationships (with partners, spouses, family, friends, colleagues)
  • frustration with other people generally
  • chronic illness, health issues
  • fear of death and dying
  • problems with various types of addictions, substance use or otherwise
  • trauma (past or recent)
  • feelings of unworthiness, worthlessness
  • shame
  • family of origin issues
  • sexual or gender issues
  • life changes and transitions
  • work and career issues
  • creative blocks, challenges
  • existential issues
  • uncertainty about your purpose and meaning in life