Wendy Strickland, RP

Registered Psychotherapist, CRPO# 002946; Diploma TIRP; Member, CAPT


I believe this is the goal of therapy. Freedom to be the person you are, to feel from your heart, and to act authentically. Free to be with others in easy companionship and to speak and live your truth without fear.

Freedom to face whatever trouble is in your life, to not be imprisoned by it.

My name is Wendy Strickland. I am a Relational Psychotherapist trained at the “Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy”. My tools are empathy and compassion, and the desire to listen without judgment. I will be with you wherever you are in your life and together we will work through whatever it is that keeps you from freedom.

You do not need to feel alone.

I have been in private practice since 2010. But before that, and long before my own training, I sought therapy to find support with a very difficult time in my life. The help I received encouraged me to stay with it, and expand a growing sense of personal freedom, and a deepening understanding of myself in relationships and in self-understanding. That journey eventually led me to become a therapist.

Please let me help as I have been helped.

I can be there with you in your search for greater freedom.

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